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Bioiasis | Trade in Organic Products Thiva

Herbs form a large part of the plant kingdom and all are defined as having active substances which, when taken from living organisms, possess the property of a medicinal product. All parts of the plant can be characterized as pharmaceuticals whether they are flowers, leaves and fruits, whether it is the bark and its roots.
Nature is the largest pharmacy. Plants and herbs contain beneficial substances for our body!
At our "Bioiasis" store in Thebes, you will find a wide variety of organic or conventional herbs, bulk (per kilo) or packs at the most competitive prices.
All of our products are of excellent quality.

Organic Herbs
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Conventional Herbs
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Herbs Bulk
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Visit our company in Thiva where a full range of nature products are instantly at your disposal, with the best service and quality guarantee.

Bioiasis spices Trade in Organic Products
8, Dimokratias Str. / Thiva
Phone: 2262027340 Mobile: 6977718609, 6943981530