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Bioiasis Trade in Organic Products Thiva

Cashew 320 offer {expo}

Cashew size 320, 9€ / Kg. (+24% TAX)


Cashew 240 offer {expo}

Cashew size 240, 9,50€ / Kg. (+24% TAX)


Whole Black pepper, 500 offer {expo}

Whole Black pepper, 500, 5.70€ / Kg. (+24% TAX)


Whole Black pepper, 550 offer {expo}

Whole Black pepper, 550, 5,80€ / Kg. (+24% TAX)


ABOUT US {big}

Our Bioasais company, which is based in Thiva, has been professionally and professionally involved in food, beverage, food supplements and cosmetics for more than 25 years ...

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Trade in Organic Products Thiva

Our company "Bioiasis", which is based in Thebes, operates professionally and consistently in the field of importing and exporting quality products from and to all over the world and marketing them to any interested in the whole of Greece.
The name "Bioiasis" is now known and well known in the field, with constant and continuous presence in international exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.
Here you will find:
 Organic & Conventional Spices
 Herbs Organic & Conventional
 Dried Fruits Organic & Conventional
 Superfoods Organic & Conventional
... and many more products always at the highest quality and at the most competitive prices.
Visit our company in Thebes where a full range of nature products are instantly at your disposal, with the best service and quality guarantee.